It is well known that the overall population of the United States is aging. “Baby Boomers” (1946 - 1964) alone make up 20% of the nation’s population followed by 22% of “Generation X” (1965 - 1981). These population segments make a disability benefits practice a profitable practice area now and for years to come.

41% of employers offer disability insurance coverage, almost all of which is governed under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA). This is a broadly encompassing act which governs nearly all employee benefits (disability, life, pension, etc.) in this nation. It is a based on a reticulated statutory scheme which is difficult to comprehend without routine practice in the area. Usually, it takes several years for a practitioner to become competent in this field - UNTIL NOW.

Due to the increasing competition for most areas of personal injury liability law (auto, premises, professional malpractice, workers compensation), many firms are looking for new sources of revenue, preferably from contingency fee arrangements.

What we offer is a complete guide to the prosecution of ERISA-based disability benefit cases. It covers every aspect of this practice from marketing to potential clients all the way through the litigation/settlement process. Further, personal coaching is offered to assist in every step of the learning process to make sure you learn the practice from the inside out and will feel both competent and confident in your client representation.

This product includes a step-by-step instructional guideline from start of representation (including the application process) through the administrative appeals process and litigation/settlement strategies. More importantly, every aspect of instruction includes a comprehensive database of legal arguments, medical summaries, medical and functional capacity questionnaires. You will have everything you need to start practicing in this profitable area immediately.

You will learn how to:

  • Start Cost Effective Marketing for Disability Cases - including prewritten website materials and licensing of got disability? copyrighted advertising logo.
  • Do Case Intake Accurately and Efficiently
  • Offer An Assortment of Fee Arrangements (including hourly, flat, and contingency fees) for Application, Appeal, and Litigation Case Work
  • Set Up a Claim File
  • Make Information Requests
  • Review Claim Files for Supporting Evidence and Insurer Defenses, including:
    • Understanding Functional Capacity Issues
    • Understanding Vocational Issues
    • Prepare Administrative Appeals which include supporting information, including:
    • Medical Evidence Recitations
    • Medical Literature Summaries
    • Functional Capacity Findings
    • Vocational Information Supplementation
    • Application of the Correct Standard of Review
    • Exploit Insurance Company Unfair Claims History
    • Address Paper Medical Reviews and Independent Medical Exams
    • Combat Insurer Administrative Review Defense Tactics
    • Dealing with Overpayment Issues
    • Deciding Whether to Litigate a Case
    • Litigation Prosecution Including Complaint, Discovery, and Summary Judgment Briefing Techniques
    • Addressing Many Common and Uncommon Defense Litigation Tactics

Most importantly, the contingency fees earned from these cases can include past, present, and future benefits as a result of continuing representation. The future benefits create “annuities” which help to provide a dependable monthly income stream for years to come. When you add in flat fees and settlements earned, the overall compensation from this practice is outstanding.

Even better is the very low cost of running an ERISA-based disability practice. Practitioners with small caseloads do not require offices or assistants. Whereas, a busier practice can be managed with a single assistant. Therefore, profit margins of 60% or more are commonplace which is unheard of in most law practices.

Given the difficulty of this particular law practice, there is little competition for these cases in most jurisdictions. This gives you a huge strategic advantage over law practices in terms of marketing and case acquisition.

Got Disability?

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